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Where is
the park:


Core City Park is located at 4848 Grand River Avenue, in the Heart of Detroit’s West Side.



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the park:


Core City Park is a park, sure, but it’s really an urban woodland. An oasis nestled amongst an honest and authentic Detroit landscape and serving as a destination point for people around Core City and Beyond.

In 1886 Detroit Fire Department’s Engine 12 was completed on site; in 1893, Ladder 9, the Apparatus Room to the Engine, was completed. These buildings were decommissioned and eventually demolished in 1976. From then until today the site was as an asphalt parking lot that weeds, debris, and the occasional car called home.

Today, 85+ trees - Flowering Dogwoods and Iconic Locusts - have taken over the corner. Nearly everything used in the construction of the park was found on site - benches are sections of concrete walls removed from an old bank vault in the adjacent building; the “islands” - housing the benches - are a patchwork of found building pieces from the demolished fire-house which was simply pushed into the basement and covered with asphalt.

The park will also feature three works of art, generously funded by the Knight Foundation. These pieces will arrive during the summer of 2019.

The park is an exercise in generosity - over 85 trees in just 8,000 square feet of land - and resourcefulness. We hope the result offers all visitors serenity, happiness, wonderment, inspiration, and space. Explore, relax, enjoy, be delighted!

The park design was led by Landscape Architect Julie Bargmann of D.I.R.T. Studio, but also benefitted from the input of Ishtiaq Rafiuddin, Randy Pardy, and Dai and Jess of Astro Coffee / Ochre Bakery. The park was developed by Prince Concepts.



the Park:


This is a public space funded and fueled by the energy of private people. You can support the park by: taking sun on a bench, reading a book in the woodland, having a quality conversation on one of the islands, enjoying the art of the businesses on the park; you can also tag a little piece of the park and put your name on it by sponsoring a brick, tree, or bench + island.


the Park:


Remnants of Detroit’s past vitalize the park’s current design. There are many ways to support, from visiting to purchasing a brick, tree, or bench + island.



what the park looks like now:


Who is in the park:

Core City Park is home to a variety of public and private businesses, including Prince Concepts, Ochre Bakery, Astro Coffee Roastery, Lafayette American, Magnet Restaurant, The Commissary, The Pantry, Underdog Boxing Gym, and Casting de Khrysopoeia.





  • Randy Pardy

  • Dai Hughes

  • Jessie Hicks

  • Julie Bargmann

  • Ishtiaq Rafiuddin

  • Kelli Wiley

  • Matt Tayag

  • Sylvester McCormick

  • Willie Marshall

  • Patrick Ethan

  • Charlie O’Geen

  • R Philip Lockwood

  • Efrem Wayne Braxton

  • Jonathan Birch